Make any directory a secure public file server in one command

srvdir is a program that takes a path to a directory and then creates a secure, public HTTPS endpoint which serves the files from that folder.

The service is no longer available.

Although the hosted service has been shut down, the code remains available on github if you'd like to run the service yourself. This website and the documentation remains here for historical and informational purposes.


Easily send files to a friend

Have some files you need to share with a friend? Just run srvdir on that folder and then send them a link!

Access your files anywhere

Need access to your files at home? srvdir can let you download them securely from anywhere.

Host static websites

srvdir interprets index.html files just like a normal static file server, so you can even run blogs and static sites over it.

Test static webhooks

srvdir can be useful for testing static responses to webhooks (like TwiML).



All srvdir URLs are served over HTTPS with SSL/TLS encryption.

Password Protection

Just add the -auth flag to protect any served directory with a username and password.


srvdir builds on top of the world's best tunneling software, giving it production-grade latency and throughput up to 100's of reqs/sec.

No dependencies

srvdir has zero runtime dependencies. Just download it for your platform and run.

Open Source

Both srvdir's client and server are open-source on Github. Help make it better!

Upload too

srvdir optionally supports HTTP PUT for uploading files through firewalls as well.